Thursday, August 14, 2008

Digging for the Truth.

The kids and I are attending VBS this week (vacation bible school) at the little local church up the street. The theme is Dino Detectives: digging for the truth. We have a small group of kids coming faithfully everyday, but actually more kids than I thought would come.

I was asked to teach the 4-6 year olds for the week. It's awesome to see some of the kids in my class hear about God for first time. Their eyes got wide and the mouths dropped open yesterday when I explained how Jesus died for them. I love this age because truly this is how the Lord wants us to be, with a childlike faith. They are eager to learn, quick to believe. It is interesting the group of kids that are attending because a lot of them their parents do not attend church and do not know the Lord personally. I had the chance to talk to one mom, and she expressed how much she wanted her daughter to be in church, but it wasn't her "thing". I hope today to have a chance to share with her that God's love isn't just for the children.

We live in a very spiritually dead area. I have been reminded this week of the mission field right in my back yard.

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It'sSteph said...

Caleb did the Digging up Truth VBS too- he loved it!