Friday, August 15, 2008

More on VBS

So we wrapped up VBS with the closing program. It was adorable . The kids worked so hard to sing their songs and to do a good job. It was also a chance to share the gospel with the parents and grandparents.

Here are some videos of the closing program.

All the kids singing.(side note attn: Alan I did not pick out the shirts, the boys picked them out at the store and then wanted to wear them to the closing program LOL)

Here is Elijah's group.

Isaiah's group


sarasusen said...

So... did any of the kids accept the Lord? How about parents? Do you think any will come to the bible study? That would be cool! And what do the boys shirts say?

Bethany said...

The kids in my class all made a profession of faith. They all prayed to have Jesus in their heart and they believed He died for them. They were 4-5 year olds. I don't know about the older kids. The parents are much harder to crack. I did invite two of the mother's to bible study so we'll see what fruit comes from that. Pray for this area. The kids shirts have a dinosaur on them and say "defence"