Monday, August 25, 2008

Homeschool 2008-2008 First Day

Today was our first day of homeschool. It went great. My boys are truly wonderful kids. I am so blessed to be their mom, I am so blessed just to know them. I am so thankful to watch them grow in every area of their lives.

The cutest part of the day is after practicing the Continent song, Elijah was playing with his blocks. All of a sudden I hear my 4 year old sing "North America, South America, Europe, Asia" He stopped there but I am sure he'll get it by weeks end. By the way the rest of the Continents are Australia, Africa, and Antarctica and the oceans Indian, Arctic, Pacific and the get a map and see if you can label them! =)

The highlight of the day for me was watching Isaiah study Luke 1. He read straight from his NKJV and then I asked him to find all the names the angel gave to Mary about Jesus. He hunted and found all of them. He wrote them out in his "journal". He was my little Berean!

Today I asked the kids what they liked best about homeschooling and if they liked being homeschooled. Here is what they said:

Isaiah (7 years old 3rd grade)

Elijah (4 years old pre-k but tell him kindergarten if you see him, he's hung up on that)


sarasusen said...

Oh my word, that is SOOOOOOO cute!

It'sSteph said...

Adorable. Boy, there isn't much about homeschool that Isaiah doesn't like :) Awesome!

Annee said...

Your boys are cute! I think my boys would have fun with them. When is Isaiah's birthday? Is he in 3rd grade because you homeschool or does he make the cut-off in Maine?

Bethany said...

Isaiah will be 8 on September 30. He's in the third grade because that's where he's at. LOL I think he does make the cut off of the state though. My boys are a blast to hang out with!