Saturday, August 9, 2008

Two become one!

We were honored and blessed to attend a wedding today. What a beautiful wedding it was. It was very Christ centered, and elegantly understated. Kimmy and Joel have started a life built on the firm foundation of Jesus. It so awesome to attend a Christan wedding, to witness the Creator of the Universe write their love story and bring them together is such an awesome way. It really struck a cord with me to renew my own wedding vows to my husband. To remember why we came together almost 9 years ago. To renew that first love we had and to remember our First Love, Jesus Christ.

Ok for those of you dont' know Peter wore JEANS to our wedding, so note that he is NOT wearing jeans for this wedding. I was pretty impressed at his "dressing up". He looks cute!

Kimmy and Joel's first dance! And I actually got 4 dances from my hubby! That's the most we ever danced.

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