Monday, June 16, 2008

" I want a steak"

For Father's day we bought Peter an anchor for the boat. He's wanted one for awhile now so when he goes fishing he just drop anchor in the cove and relax. He loved it. After church the day was up to him. He decided he wanted to head to Bangor for lunch and and mini golfing. He declared "I want a steak". We went to the Texas Roadhouse. It was a blast in there. We had never been before. The kids had so much fun chucking peanut shells on the floor (totally encouraged by the staff)and joining in with some line dancing. Peter did get his steak and by the silence while he eat it must have been really good. Isaiah got french fries and mac and cheese and Elijah got "crispy critters" aka chicken tenders. I opted for the bbq ribs and they were amazing. After the meal Peter got to go "fishing" for Father's day to win a prize. He one a free time we'll save space for that. It was raining when we left the restaurant so we headed to the movies "the Incredible Hulk". It was...ok. It was very LOUD. The Hulk was HUGE and very GREEN! I thought it was scary, but the "boys" liked it. We had a great day.

Time to Dance

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All stuffed and happy

Fishing for a prize

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sarasusen said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! I'm glad you had a great fathers day. We did too :-)

Weather looks unsettled this week, maybe we should shoot for Thursday for picture day. If you wait a few months, I'll be able to cut their hair for you too! (I'm learning)