Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's HOT, time to go swimming!

So today was HOT and muggy. We took our first trip out to Big Lake of the season. We love it there. There are beaches you can only get to by boat and they are just so nice, undisturbed with if you know what I mean. The water was cold, but try telling that to the boys. In they went! They had so much fun! They swam all afternoon! We really enjoy these times that we can spend together as a family and just enjoy!

Happy Boys in their bathing suits

Our Humble Boat We just LOVE it

Big Lake

Peter insisted on taking my picture....I was happy so I said "hurry up"


It'sSteph said...

These are gorgeous pictures, really capturing how beautiful it is here in Maine on the lakes! My favorite is the one of the boat pulled onto shore... I don't know why, it's just cool!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful sister I have :) Love you!

The Pellerin's said...

I have the two most beautiful sisters!