Saturday, June 21, 2008

What's a date??

Peter and I haven't really gone on many dates. First we didn't date before we got married...ok one date right before we got married at a hot dog place and to pick out our wedding rings...but I don't know if that is considered as a real date. LOL Living far from family we don't have a lot of babysitter options and living in the sticks there aren't a lot of date destinations. But it was time to get creative. We are blessed to have some close friends up the road who have offered there services to watch our kids anytime. So last night we took them up on it. We brought the kids over to their place and came back for movie night at home. We watched the Bourne Identity (really good movie, that we had never scene before) I made some popcorn and chocolate covered strawberries (try finding those at the concession stand at the theater) I must say it was strange without the kids because I think I can count on my hands how many times Peter and I have been anywhere without them. We didn't have to keep getting up to get someone a drink, or break up a dispute because someone was standing in front of the tv. It was really nice. It was nice to have some "us" time. I planned this one and next time it's the hubby's turn. On the way to drop off the boys Elijah said "What's a date?" Isaiah answered him and said "A date is when you take your wife dancing" So maybe next time we'll go to The Pellerin's School of Dance for some lessons.

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It'sSteph said...

I like Isaiah's definition of a date! Cute!