Friday, June 6, 2008

Rock of Ages

As I took the kids to get the mail today I was pawing through some cd's that were in the car. I can across a worship one I hadn't listened to in awhile and the song "Rock of Ages" came on. Instantly my mind rushed back 10 years ago to singing this song in church. The version on my play list much more mellow than the rocked out version I remember but the lyrics ring as true today as they did back then.

There is no Rock,
There is no God like our God,
No other name,
Worthy of all our praise.
The Rock of Salvation
That cannot be moved,
He's proven Himself to be faithful and true.
There is no Rock;
There is God like ours.

Rock of Ages,
Jesus is our Rock.
There is no Rock;
There is no God like ours

I still love this song and as my walk with the Lord has been seasoned over the years I can still sing each line with the same confidence as I did as a new believer but now with the true experience.

I was reminded last night by my husband that God's influence has been all over our lives even in areas that I have never realized or maybe flat out denied. He's proven Himself to be faithful and true! The Lord reminded me this morning that that isn't a "past" statement, because He was, He is and He is to come. So that statement applies to our past, it applies to our present lives, and it also applies to our tomorrows. Rock of Ages indeed!


It'sSteph said...

Many memories come back from this song for me too! What a sweet time in our lives and our walk with the Lord, huh?

The Pellerin's said...

It was a sweet time. I will cling to the promise from the Lord that we haven't seen anything yet!