Monday, June 9, 2008

Old Friends,still good times!

Do you have those kind of friends in your life that go way back? And these are the kind of friends that years can go by before you see each other but when you do you just pick up where you left off like time hasn't gone by? I hope you do. We have such friends. We had some good friends come up and spend the day with us. We had such a great day catching up and just enjoying hanging out together. We took the boat out to Big Lake again. We ate lots of food, the kids went swimming, did some fishing, and did lots of talking. How blessed to have such friends in our lives. Here are some highlights.

Boys will be boys

I caught a super cute girl

Peter caught a Bass....Jon diced him, cooked him, and ate him!

Happy Couple Jon and Tab

Happy Couple Pete and Bethany

They swam all day!

Look what I have!

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Annee said...

Can we come visit? The "big lake" looks fun. We were just talking about how our children need to experience Maine lake. I think we are going to look into camp rentals for next summer.