Sunday, June 29, 2008


The kids got a free Wall-E watch.

Yesterday was a cloudy day. Not good beach weather at all. So we packed the kids and headed to Houlton to see the new movie Wall-E. Houton is about an hour away. The theater itself was pretty amazing. The Temple Theater is the oldest continuously run theater in the state of Maine. The origional fixtures were still there and the balcony seats were really awesome.

Wall-E itself was good. Here are a the spoilers. Wall-E is a robot whose job is to clean up after humans who have left earth on a space vacation. The earth however was so trashed the vacation that was suppose to be 5 years ends up turning into 700 years. Wall-E is busy cleaning earth when Ev-A another robot arrives on earth to find forms of life. She finds Wall-E who immediately falls in love with her. She also finds a plant that she quickly delivers back to the space ship where all humans are living. The humans do nothing...literally nothing. They don't even walk, they are shuttled around by hover crafts. They are very large,overweight and disconnected from each other. After discovering life is sustained on earth plans to go home are disrupted by robots out to stop the humans. The humans succeed with the help of Wall-E and Ev-A. They do return to earth and they all live happily ever after.

The first 45 minuets of the movie or so is nothing but Wall-E on earth and Ev-A. They say two words over and over the whole time "Wall-e" and "Ev-A". I was glad when they finally left earth and there were humans with some dialogue. The kids really enjoyed it and we had a fun day out of the house!

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