Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So Long Big Daddy!

This morning we woke up to one of our frogs gone belly up. I felt so bad. I guess they need to be set free after they turn frogs to survive. "Big Daddy" was still kicking so we transported him down to the lakefront. He's free now to come and go as he pleases. We now have 3 tadpoles. It really is an amazing process that God designed. We were able watch these tadpoles grow legs, loose tails, it is really fun to watch!

***Update*** We had to let the other tadpoles go tonight. They were looking and acting sickly. They all had there back legs and we felt they had a better change in the world God made rather than our plastic habitate. Isaiah took it pretty rough. He really enjoyed having them. But after talking for a bit he felt better about where they were. So now we are done with the tadpole adventure and I hate to confess I am glad. They are a lot of work to maintain, cleaning the water, remembering to feed them, and watching day and and day out. It was a fantastic learning experience for the boys and mom and dad!

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