Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boston Children's Museum

Ok so we had adventure number 2 today. I took the kids to teh Boston Children's Museum. WOW! The kids had so much fun. They didn't want to leave. There are 3 floors of adventure and fun. They could barely take it all in.

I can't wait to posts pics of the highlights. There are some really fun ones.

Isaiah's favorite part of the Children's Museum was "the big climb thing". This was a huge awkward structure. The kids start off on the bottom and manuver their way to the top on rug covered misshaped platforms. It was quite impressive. Elijah's favoirte part of the museum was "the basketball room" They had three nets and many different sized and textured balls. Elijah spent a good 1/2 hour in there mastering his skills. He loved it. I had to beg him to go on to the next thing. My favorite part was Kid Power section. This section is deticated to getting your body moving to produce motion. My favorite is when the kids sit in a chair and try to pull themself up by a rope to reach the goal. When they reach the goal, there is a recording of people cheering and clapping. Isaiah did awesome with this. Elijah had a little trouble. I helped him the first time and he got pretty upset with me and said "I want to do it myself." He was really too little to pull himself all by himself. So I put on my mommy thinking cap and pushed up on the chair behind him where he couldn't see me to give a little boost. He did it and was very happy!

Elijah still firmly says his favorite part over all is "the train, riding on the train" He will remember that forever. He really loved it.

Tomorrow it looks like we're going to York's Wild Animal Kingdom. We're back in Maine. We're in Portland right now. I must say I am going to be thankful to get back to the "slow paced" life I am used to in the good 'ol sticks of Maine!


It'sSteph said...

I'm feeling the opposite- give me a few days of crazy-busy fun! Trade ya?

Aleyne said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Nice to visit busyness but wouldn't want to live there, right? Hope you enjoy the zoo today :)