Thursday, July 3, 2008

immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him

So we had a little adventure today. We planned on taking the boat out to "our" lake Big Lake. We invited our friends Carol, Lia, and Naomi to come and join us. So we launched the boat in Princeton which has Louis lake which is connected to Long Lake which then opens up into Big Lake. The boat ride was...well WET. The waves were pretty big. But we had made it half way we didn't want to turn back, so we didn't. We got to Governor's point and the kids were in the water in 2.2 seconds. They had a blast. The waves kept getting bigger and bigger and it was like being at the ocean without the salt! They slashed, jumped, squealed with excitement. They had a blast!

Lia, Isaiah, and Elijah

Carol and I started to get a bit concerned because the waves weren't settling, in fact we both agreed they were getting bigger. The wind was picking up. It was so windy that the towels clung to the trees!

Peter headed out to the point to check out the situation and we all decided that it was time to pack it in and try to head back.

So we did. That sounds so easy huh? It wasn't. The water chop was really overwhelming. We had to push the boat out deep enough the lower the motor, but as soon as we did the waves just pushed us back in. Praise God of Carol's long legs! She was able to push the boat out far enough for Peter to start the motor and she jumped in the boat. There's no way I could have done that with my short stubby legs! So off we went back to the boat landing.

The kids safe and sound on LAND

Ok so here are the lessons I learned today. First it's never too late to turn back! LOL

Next I was again confronted with FEAR. The waves were really big, the boat was rocking, and we were all drenched. I literally almost lost my cookies because I was so afraid. But we started talking about Jesus and Peter walking on the water. I will never read the stories about the disciples and Jesus on a boat in the middle of a storm the same again. I have read this stories and often laughed thinking "come on they had Jesus with them what was there to be afraid of?" Today the Lord spoke the same words to me. "you have me, what do you have to be afraid of" and in the moment it was literally about the waves and the boat. But later it spoke of other things in my life. I am so thankful for the personal way the Lord will speak to me. I am thankful for the moments in our lives that He steps in to make a teachable moment.And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him; and said to him, Little-faith! Why did you doubt? And when they had come into the boat, the wind ceased! So with us, when we trust and rest the winds cease!

Oh another little thing I was reminded of...the waves didn't all of a sudden cease on the lake...but when I allowed the Lord to comfort me and trust Him, the storm of fear inside me ceased. I just realized that the Lord is so much more concerned about our heart condition than our circumstances. He will give you joy in a sorrowful situation, peace in a troubling situation, comfort in a fearful situation, wisdom in a confusing situation, love in a hurtful situation...the circumstances may be the same but yielding yourself to Him will produce a heart change. I LOVE IT!


It'sSteph said...

First of all, love your new song. I've heard it but couldn't find out who sang it! Secondly, it's great to hear how the Lord is speaking to you. It sharpens me!

sarasusen said...

That was probably your BEST post yet! Thank you for writing that! Reminds me of last summer, on the 4th, remember? The waves were big then too, and I remember just how afraid you were. Your eyes were as big as saucers! I wish I could have been there today to see that fear calm in you.... that is so cool! What other God loves you the way HE does? He is mighty to save!

Bethany said...

The waves were bigger than the 4th of July last year! But it was a lot like it. Moose fear gone, wave fear gone...what's next?

sarasusen said...

baby/pregnancy fear??!!?? LOL!!

I love you're slide show at the bottom by the way.... so cool to see pictures of you and pete from "way back when".
I think you guys look better today than 9 years ago!