Monday, July 28, 2008

New England Aquarium

Ok bare with these photo less posts...I forgot my cord to the camera to upload pics. But I will add them when I get home.

So today we went to the New England Aquarium. Sounds simple enough, but it wasn't. We are staying in Peabody. This means we need to travel into Boston. The easiest and fastest way to do this was to travel by car 20 min into Wonderland T station. Then take the T right to the Aquarium.

I want you to take a moment and think about where I am coming from. I live in a town of just over 200 people. We don't even have a traffic light. Now I am traveling on a highway with 3-4 lanes. I thought I only had Mapquest directions to guide me on my way. Little did I know that the Lord would truly step in to be our Guide.

So I missed my first right turn as soon as we got onto the highway. I was "freaking out" I told the boys to pray. Isaiah busts out "Jesus help my mom to know where she's going like daddy does" It totally broke the tension and allowed me to focus. The Lord totally showed me the way to the right road. Seriously there is no other explanation! Then there were 4 "Roundabouts" These are fun. You just keep going around and around until you get off. So the first one took me around twice before I got off the right exit. But from there it was pretty smooth sailing to the train station.

The "T" was actually pretty good. We got on, made some stops, and got off where we were suppose to, right in front of the Aquarium. Both the kids and I praised God when we saw the blue fish that is the symbol of the Aquarium. People must of looked at us country bumpkins, saying "Thank you God for getting us here" But we were so thankful!

The Aquarium was AWESOME. It was really something. The boys just were and awe and I was too. Elijah said his favorite part was "seeing the sharks" which he called "Bruce" (from Nemo) Isaiah's favorite part was "everything"! My favorite part was the Sea Turtles. They were pretty extraordinary. I literally gasps as the came right up to the front of the tank. I can't wait to post some pics and a short little video of the tank.

I was really in awe of God's creativity in all of these creatures. I mean even the smallest of fish had such magnificent craftsmanship. The colors, the textures, the massiveness of some of these creatures was really a testimony to me of how big and awesome a God we have. I thought to myself as I often do "I wonder if He had me in mind when He made the Sea Turtles just to smile at my reaction" I like to think so. He's just that personal that it might of crossed His mind.

The Lord again showed up on our way home, since none of the streets that were on my Mapquest directions were marked. It was as though He was say "this way, now that way" I just tried to stay calm and study the signs that did have names.

Tomorrow we head back into Boston to go the Children's Museum. This should be interesting. It's the same route by car, and train, but then we walk about 15 min to the Museum itself. Oh Boy!

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Annee said...

Three years ago we took our children to the Boston aquarium. The whole time Noah kept saying "Fish Blahhh". He was over tired from all the busyness of the vacation. We saw penguins mating and Caleb said "Look at the penguins hugging". Good memories. My favorite animal was the sea turtles too.