Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week At Big Lake Highlights!

So we're back! Phew! It was so nice to get away but there is something to be said for coming home. We had a lot of fun at the lake for the week. Here are some fun pictures!

The view from the house

Another view

The boys

Lots of swimming

The Cousins

So many boat rides and fishing trips

Me in the kayak

We had a family of ducks that kept coming for free bread!

Games, Games, Games


We did marshmellows kidding! If I eat one more I will be sick!

We had a jet tub in the master bathroom. The boys enjoyed this after a long day of fun!

White's Island was a blast, and had it's own snacks...blueberries!

Lot's of friends swimming at White's Island

Erik got a little bass off the shore of White's Island

Isaiah, Erik, Joshua,Emma, Taylor, Elijah, Alannah

Sonny and Becky (so happy they came out!)

Isaiah and Erik

Fishing again!

Elijah and Taylor playing in the sand

The long scary pickeral!

Elijah and Taylor

Isaiah and Alannah


sarasusen said...
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Aleyne said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. Your kids will be talking about this in years to come. Glad you are back though :)

Annee said...

I know Becky and if it's the same Sonny I have heard about him. Say Hi for us next time you see Becky. It looks like you had a blast.