Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Are you sure you have the right address?"

"You never buy me flowers" I often say to my husband. And it's true I can count on one hand how many times my hubby has bought me flowers. "I know" ,he says "there really isn't anyplace to buy them around here". And to his credit he's absolutely right. Even when we lived in the big city of Calais the local florist charged so much I always would tell him "I'd rather use the money on something else" And now living in the sticks, there really isn't any place. Good thing the purchase of flowers isn't a gage of how much he loves me. LOL! But I've been in grumpy place the past week or so and just feeling down. You know when you get in a place of feeling alone even though you're not. So anyway I think I nagged a little about not getting flowers in my pathetic attempt to feel wanted. Because you know that in my emotional reasoning receiving flowers would tell me how much my husband loves me, because getting up and going to work everyday, providing for me (and that includes all my frivolous wants), and then coming home everyday to be with me doesn't show that...right? So the UPS man pulls into my driveway this afternoon. I love that brown truck! But I knew I didn't order anything. So I was a bit puzzled. The brown man comes to the door with a big green and black "Pro Flowers" box. Flowers? For who? Not me! So I open the door and say to him "Are you sure you have the right address?" He said "I am pretty sure". I look at the label and low and behold they are for me. Ok so how horrible is this? I thought..."hmmm maybe my friend Angela sent them to me" We had talked yesterday and maybe she sensed I needed a pick me up. But as I opened and beheld the beautiful 24 red roses the card simply read " I love you, Peter" My man of few words sent me roses. I teared up. Isaiah asked "Mom who are they from?" "From your daddy" "MY DAD?", he asked in disbelief. I said "yes your dad" "He loves you Mom" he said. "And I love him". I so did not deserve flowers because I've been such a crab, but I am thankful he loves me enough to send them to me even when I am not the loving wife I am called to be to him.

Husbands, love your wives, and do not be bitter against them.
Col 3:19

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sarasusen said...

awww.. that made ME tear up! pat Pete on the back for me and say "good job!!" I love you guys.... now I'm off to bring my husband on a Fly Fishing trip until Friday afternoon!