Thursday, July 10, 2008

"God made it just for us"

This week we realized summer is HERE! It's been hot and sunny. We are so unbelievably blessed to live literally a one minute car drive to a beautiful lake. It's been so easy to pack some drinks, snacks, and towels and head up for an hour or two, come home, and go back if we want. The boys have had a blast! Isaiah has grown so much more confident in his swimming abilities. Elijah is getting the hang of it and is much more willing to "practice". I am sure by summers end he'll be giving big brother a run for his money. I have enjoyed swimming and relaxing in my beach chair. We've even met some new friends.

I mentioned to Isaiah how much I love having the lake so close to us, and he responded to me "yeah mom I think God made it just for us" I love that. God is so personal to him. I said "well for us and for others but I am sure He knew how much we would enjoy it!"

Check out how beautiful it is!

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