Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mommy and Me

Photos by Sara Susen

My friend Sara took these pics from our trip to the Discovery Museum in Bangor and I thought I would post them because they are so adorable. To give you some background to the scene there were about 26 kids in our group alone at the museum. They were being kids, loud and busy. There's so much to see and do there. In the midst of all of this Elijah found a book about a finding moose and had to hear it. (we look for moose on our drive to and from church and we usually see one every time) We found a spot on the little couch and he sat unaware of his surroundings and listened to the book. I don't remember the the title of the book. I've googled many options that I thought it might be to no avail. The story is about a group of kids out to find a moose. They look everywhere but they can't find one. Finally on the the next to the last page of the book they spot the moose antlers and to their surprise there's not one moose but a whole field full of them. We both loved it. I might have to call the museum and beg them to find the title for me, because it's one that deserves a place in our home library. This is a common scene with Elijah at home, stacks of books to be read to him. I love that I know have this memory in print! Thanks for capturing this moment for me Sara!

I found the book. I zoomed in on the page in one of the pics and googled it and low and behold I found it! Looking for a Moose by Phyllis Root(Author),Randy Cecil(Illustrator)

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sarasusen said...

Wow, I'm almost famous with my photos on your blog :-) You are VERY welcome for the pictures. It is a huge blessing to use this talent the Lord has given me to bless others. I saw a moment with you and Elijah in the midst of a crazy fieldtrip that I decided to try and capture. I hope this becomes a very special picture in the years to come when he is all grown up and you can look back and say "remember when"... Thats' why I do what I do......... And we need to set up a Pellerin Family Photo Shoot very soon!