Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Colored Coded Schedule HA!

As we entered into our second week of school my anxiousness about teaching both boys has been calmed. I realized last week that schedules are great in theory and they have their place. I am not a bad homeschool mom for not sticking to them. I had blocked scheduled each boy's day, it looked so well on paper. But as the days have played out the fancy color coded schedule just seemed too much of a yoke for me and for my boys. So we tossed it. Instead we do our work as the day dictates. We have some resemblance of a routine but it's ours and it can't look pretty on a color coded schedule!

Isaiah is a pretty structured kid. He thrives knowing when he is expected to do something. I even noticed today that he has already picked up on his spelling schedule for the week. Day one write out words, day two write words in alphabetical order, day three, pre-test, day four write words in a complete sentence and day five test. It's the same schedule we did last year. He said to me today "I know tomorrow I will do my pre-test" He's a planner like his mom. He likes to know what's up ahead and plan accordingly. That can be a valuable gift the Lord can use.

Elijah on the other hand is 4. He isn't too concerned about schedules and his attitude can reflect that. He likes to be busy,but he is not bothered at all if I change my mind mid day concerning his school. He sort of just goes with the flow. He's happy to color or dig into his activity box while I teach Isaiah, but he's just as happy to put it away and come do his work with me. It's been such a blessing to have that. He's laid back and content. And that is very much like Peter. Being able to be moved and not shaken is also a valuable gift the Lord can use.

Here just a couple pics of today.
Above: Elijah making is play dough letters.
Below: This is one of my favorite things about homeschooling this year. Isaiah is busy completing his Math assignment and Elijah is working on his Math assignment, experimenting with pattern blocks. (Can you see his snowman? The line of white pattern blocks he said was the" snow") We have two different kids, two different lessons, one great day of learning!

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Annee said...

I made a schedule too. But so far we haven't used it either. :)