Monday, September 1, 2008

Springfield Fair 2008

This weekend we had Peter's sisters for a visit. There really isn't too much to do out here in the sticks but they came on a good weekend. The Springfield Fair was in town! The kids had a blast. Rides, ice cream, animals, what else could a kid ask for? Here a few pics.

I was really struck by how many people came out to the fair. We don't live in highly populated area but it seemed everyone within a 100 mile radius was at this fair. It made me stop and think of how many of them have ever heard the gospel. How many of these people aimlessly walking from ride to ride know how much they are loved.
God is moving in this area. And seeing all these people reminded me of my call to prayer for this area for God's will to be done here. I am excited to see Him move.

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