Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rice Bag Project

We are participating in Sonlights Rice Bag Project. We are joining with Sonlight families from at least 49 states and 21 countries, including Mozambique, Switzerland, and Australia! For the next 8 weeks we will be learning about India via Sonlight provided emails and resources. As we learn and pray for the people of India we are also collecting our loose change to place into small "rice bags" After the 8 weeks all the money we have collected will go to Mission India. This organization gives the gift of literacy (mostly to women). In doing so they are able to experience the power of God's Word and meet Jesus. Today we watched a short video about one woman's story and how Mission India touched her life. It was very powerful. Both the boys were struck with how different of a world she lived in. Isaiah was especially touched that many of the mom's can't read. He said "well who will teach the kids?" The video explained that girls do not attend school. Most women never learn to read. I know for me personally I got saved by reading the Word of God. What an amazing opportunity to in a small way give the gift of ready God's Word to women who may never have the chance other wise. We are so excited to see how God will use us to change the lives of women and families in India. So pray! I'll keep you posted on how God uses this personally in our lives. I am expecting Him too! The boys have already given to the rice bags. And today when we went to get the mail I found a dime in the parking lot. The boys screamed with excitement "put it the bag put it the bag"

A Few Facts we learned today!

Despite its relatively small physical size, every sixth person in the world lives in India!
Consider this: you would need to multiply the U.S. population by four—and move everyone east of the Mississippi River—to make our nation comparable in size to India.

India is the fastest growing country on earth
It is home to over 2,500 distinct people groups
Over 1,600 languages and dialects are spoken across India
200 million Indian women cannot read or write
Nearly half of Indian girls are married by age 18
Over 820 million people in India earn less than $2 a day

In the first map below this is how man sees the World. Everything is divided. In the second map of the World is how God sees it. There are no boundaries. It's all mixed and connected!

Here's the link to Mission India: www.missionindia.org

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