Monday, September 15, 2008

My sister is getting married!

My sister Christine just got engaged. (well on Aug 28th) I didn't get a chance to see the ring in person so we decided to meet up for lunch in Bangor yesterday so I could get a good peek! It's beautiful. I am so happy for her.

We also got to visit with my sister Mary and her cute little man Miguel. They tricked me and said that they weren't bringing him and I was mad since I never get to see him. But when they pulled in he was in the back seat all smiles and as cute as ever. Elijah and Miguel just loved eachother. It was really cute to watch them interact.

Here's Auntie Christine and her "squishy" @the Texas Roadhouse

Here is our group minus my hubby who took the front of Office Max....a better place than any LOL!


goooooood girl said...
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Anonymous said...

wow, you have a good looking family... and what a pretty ring ;)