Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"will you marry me?"

9 years ago today Peter asked me to marry him. Here's the mini-version: (full on version available upon request :) )

We would have a Bible Study every Friday night in downtown Bangor. Peter was acting strange. He kept shifting around and he wouldn't make eye contact with me. It started to rain so we all ran to the bus stop. Peter tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was doing anything after study and if we could "talk". He wanted to talk, alone? I was nervous. I had never been nervous around him. I ran to my friend and told her he wanted to talk she said "we need to pray right now" so we did. We prayed. The Lord spoke "I am going to bring it to pass".

So Bible study ended. Peter made his way over to me and said "ready?" So we jumped in his car, by this time it was really raining. He began to drive. He wasn't saying much. I could tell he was nervous. I was too. Then he said "I don't know exactly what the Lord has been telling you, but He's been speaking to me" I thought "oh he knows what I've been praying about" Then he turned to me and said "There's no easier way to say this so I am just going to say it..........will you marry me?" I said "are you kidding?" and he said "No I'm not" I immediately said "YES!" We sort of sat there for a second just processing what just happened. He didn't ask me on our first date, he didn't even ask me to pray about dating, he just asked me to marry him and I said yes. I was a pretty mind blowing moment.

We drove to Cascade Park. We prayed. We thanked God for doing what He promised to do. He did bring it to pass. He was our matchmaker. He brought two hearts that He had been working on together in a way that can be called nothing less than Supernatural.

The proposal may not have been all "romantic "with him on one knee with a huge diamond. It was however a proposal of a deeper significance. The Lord's hand was upon that moment is such a powerful way. It was sweeter than romance, it was stronger than just our love. The Creator of the Universe had become intimately involved in bringing us together. It still is very humbling to ponder.

So 9 years later from that day I would still say "YES"


It'sSteph said...

Still remember the first time you told me this story, sitting at Governors- I barely even knew you. Still makes me smile!

Bethany said...

=) makes me smile too!

sarasusen said...

Not romantic? I think the rain sounded very romantic :-) And then how add how the Lord had brought you together by speaking to each of you individually- it's the MOST romantic proposal I've ever heard!

Congradulations on 9 years :-)

Bethany said...

I was thinking "romatic" the worldly sense of the word. But yes it was very romantic.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bethany! 9 years and two cute nephews later you're still going strong! So happy for you guys. I couldn't have picked anyone better than Peter for you. P.S. I miss you already.