Saturday, September 6, 2008

Treworgy Field Trip!

We had our first field trip of the year yesterday. We went to Treworgy Orchard in Levant. It was really amazing. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful day, warm,sunny and breeze just when we needed it.
We toured the farm. We fed the goats, watched how one is milked. Then we walked the orchard and picked an apple for a snack. We watched the apples pressed into apple cider. (which they gave to the goats who apparently love it) We took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch. The kids were allowed to pick a "baby" pumpkin. We had a picnic lunch. And then we headed to the corn maze in the shape of a tracker this year. There were lots of stations inside of the maze for you to find and my kids were not leaving until they found them all. After the corn maze the kids were treated to a free ice cream.
Our host, the Treworgy's were so wonderful. They really treated us special and it was just a blessing to be welcomed so lovingly.
Here are some highlights!

Here's our group before the trip. We had 38 kids plus adults.

Feeding the female goats!
Feeding the male goats.
Milking the goat.
Elijah picking his apple. He was asking for a snack right before this and he ate every bit of his apple.

Isaiah thought he found a good one, but it was a bit too tart for him, so I ate it!
This is the apple cider press. The kids were very intrigued by this.
Here's Elijah finding just the right pumpkin! He called it "my favorite little pumpkin"
Isaiah's prized little pumpkin!

Elijah, Isaac, Caleb, and Isaiah show off their pumpkins. Aren't this future mighty men of God handsome!
Heading back on the hay ride
Here are the cousins. Isaiah, Daniel, and Elijah. Daniel is Mathew's son (Peter's brother) and he is married to Robin, and her parents own to Treworgy Orchards! Everyone commented on how the boys looked alike. The eyes, and the eyelashes seem to be a Pellerin trademark!
Heading into the corn maze!
Here's Elijah. Note to parents, dress your kids in a bright shirt so you can spot them easily!
The crew marching through the maze. Alyene and I just followed the kids, which was probably for the best considering I am not good with a map.
The wall of fame, which is located in the maze. The kids signed their names on the wall!

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sarasusen said...

Oh it was such a beautiful, glorious, blessed day, wasn't it? We had such a great time. And Alyssa had no bad reaction! Praise God! I'm so glad I went... sad I didn't have my camera.. but my NEW ONE was waiting for me when I got home :-) It. Is. Awesome.