Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Amazing Skin!

We usually do our science experiment day on Thursdays or Fridays but because we had some sick kiddos last week I am again dying to my schedule. It's good for me it really is.

So today we learned about our amazing skin. We learned that our skin stretches ( I already knew this after watching by belly expand with boy the boys but this was news to them) To illustrate this I drew caterpillars on their arms and they opened and close their arms to watch the caterpillar expand and shrink. They LOVED this. Partly because they got to have a drawing on their arm and that the result was the same each time they did it. It was fun to hear them give voices to the caterpillar. I did not draw one on my arm in case you are wondering.
We also learned how sweat is our skins way of releasing water from our body to cool ourselves off. We put water on the back of one hand and none on the other. Then we blew on both hands. The hand that was wet was much cooler than the one that was not.

Then we moved on to learning about our unique fingerprints. We took masking tape (thanks to Miss Amy who picked some up for us from her trip to the big city), rolled it and stuck it to paper. Then with a pencil rubbed onto another piece of paper. We rubbed our fingers in the "lead" and pressed our prints onto the masking tape. We all had different prints. We talked about why God may have given us all different prints. We decided He may have done it because He wants us to know that we are all unique and special to Him, and He created each one of us to know Him personally.

We then learned about the ticklish places on our skin and body. We found out we are all most ticklish on our feet. Elijah is most ticklish under his arms and belly (although he laughed everywhere we tickled those got the biggest response). Isaiah is most ticklish under his chin.

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