Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Iraian Tiles

Isaiah is studying the Middle East this week. He is learning the countries in the Middles East, the beginnings of Islam and today about beautiful tiles found in many Muslim homes, buildings and Mosques. The example we studied closely was from Iran. The tiles are very intricate, usually with designs of animals, birds, and people. No two tiles are the same and they are overlaid with a glaze with metallic specs in them.

So today we attempted our own version, taken from the Usborne Art Treasury Book. (this is a great book, I highly recommend. I am using this book as my main resource book in the Art class I am teaching for our co-op. Seriously a must have book)

Here is Isaiah's. He drew birds and people in the middle of each tile. Then we covered it with a glue and glitter mixture!
Here is Elijah's. I love how much enrichment I can bring into their learning . I helped a little with his,but he drew a bird inside each one. He chose red glitter!

Showing off their completed work!

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Annee said...

I love how you blog about your school day. I need to do this more. I have that Usborne art book and it is GREAT!